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iPhone data recovery services by Geeksnerds limited offer recovery services in case of data loss from iPhone. iPhone can store large number of files such as videos, photos, music files and emails. iPhones have combined features of iPod, cellular phones, digital cameras etc. Camera roll in iPhone has all the photos. iPhones are reliable and there are very few chances of data loss from iPhones. Also if device is synchronized regularly, it will save user from data loss situation. But still there can be situations like accidental deletion or logical damages, where data loss may occur. We offer reliable, affordable and confidential iPhone recovery services.

We offer recovery in following situations:

  • Accidental deletion
  • iPhone fail to start up or freezes
  • iPhone restored to factory settings
  • iOS up gradation causing problem
  • Attempts to jailbreaks leading to device failure
  • Synchronization leading to loss of files

Following iPhone models are supported:

  • IPhone
  • IPhone 3G
  • IPhone 3GS
  • IPhone 4

Our iPhone recovery specialists provide recovery from damaged iPhones. Whenever you face data loss situation from iPhone, don't try to restore it yourself as it will make the recovery procedure more complex. Call us for specialist advice and we will ensure that photos, videos and music files are safely restored. Our specialists have experience of restoring files which you think are lost forever.