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iPad recovery services by Geeksnerds to recover data from your iPad. iPad, similar to iPhone is a great innovation used for browsing the web or playing songs, viewing photos, video clips and reading books. It is a portable computing device that is convenient to use and it provides good web surfing platform. iPad's storage is more resistant to failures then any other media storage device but still they fail in some cases.

We provide recovery from data loss situation in following scenarios:

  • Accidental deletion
  • iPad restored to factory settings
  • Inaccessible or corrupt files
  • Damaged media plug in

Our recovery specialists are trained to recover data from iPad. We can also recover all types of files from flash based memory technology that is used in iPads. Flash based technology usually fails due to mismanagement or user error. Our recovery specialists have experience of successfully recovering data from flash based memory technology.

If you have lost data from iPad, it is recommended not to use the iPad, as further usage may cause permanent data loss. When data is deleted, free space is created, this free space is used by device to store data.

Our recovery specialists follow recovery procedure in which they test iPad and draw a quotation about the possibility of recovery. After clients approval, we start our recovery process. We provide emergency services for our clients and we have no hidden cost.