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iPod data recovery services by Geeksnerds limited to restore music, audio files, audiobooks, photos, and emails from iPod Memory. iPod classic has internal hard drive whereas other iPod models including shuffle, nano and touch have flash based memory. iPod is portable device which can store collection of songs, photos, audiobooks, films and videos depending on model. Geeksnerds iPod recovery specialists are bringing solutions to effectively restore iPod data. We provide recovery support for almost all models of iPods and other formatted devices. They are listed below:

  • iPod classic (internal hard drive)
  • iPod nano (flash memory)
  • iPod shuffle (flash memory)
  • iPod touch (flash memory)

iPods are high quality devices with built in audio, video and music player depending on model. iPod can play file format including MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV etc. iPod supports photos and images with JPEG, BMP, GIFF, TIFF and PNG formats. iPod can play MPEG-4 and Quick time Video formats depending on the iPod model. We can recover photos, videos and music file from iPods. Beside our specialists also recover data from MP3 and MP4 players, USB portable drive and memory cards.

Our specialists can provide iPod recovery services in following situations:

  • Dropped or damaged device
  • Hardware Malfunction
  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Restoring device to factory settings
  • Improper handling of the device
  • Synchronization leading to loss of files
  • iPod freezes

Our recovery services are very helpful for those customers who want to restore deleted and formatted data. Our specialists determine the cost after they test the device and the time required to restore data. Our diagnosis and consultation services are free for our clients. For recovery, ship us device to our labs for in lab recovery.