Network Networking

IT training services are offered by Geeksnerds expert IT consultants to ensure that you manage your operational systems successfully. Through Practical experience, we judge that clients face lots of difficulties in implementation of IT systems. We train our clients with the latest methods of networking and guide them to focus and utilize their talents for productivity. We guide you to manage the network by monitoring, assessment, administration and management. Our consultants guide you to promote the IT communications including ICT (Information Communication Technology), VOIP and other resources. We install the essential resources and train you to deal with them successfully.

Our IT training services are:

  • Training of research and assessment:
    We conduct research on business or home IT requirements and then analyze network needs by keeping in view the essential hardware devices and software applications. We equip you with the complete understanding of different hardware and software applications with their connections in such a way that you can manage the faults and malicious programs of the system by yourself.

  • Security systems training:
    Special security systems are installed and connected to the network which guide you to take instant action on any security alert alarm to prevent the system. We train the clients about services of firewalls installation, intrusion detection, VPN solutions, virus defender, data backup, IT security audit, patch/spam/internet risk management with internet vulnerability assessment.

  • We design network in a flexible manner in a way that you could expand it whenever you want by using simple methods and tools.

  • Special training sessions are arranged for you and your IT staff.

Our friendly IT consultants will guide you from the basic network installation training to the most complex server and client management issues with the market leading equipment and techniques.