Network Networking

Security awareness training is essential for network operations to safeguard your information and crucial data. We offer IT security awareness training program to protect the business information and organizational network systems from malicious programs, attacks and intrusion. Our security trainers research the business activities and make a policy after discussions and meetings with the management. We develop and design secure and reliable IT security systems.

Our network security training program includes:

  • We give awareness about the security of an unwanted program and viruses, worms, Trojans and other infected issues. They can infect IT operating systems and software applications.

  • Password security and encryption system is installed to protect secret passwords. We also assist in implementing protective passwords and individual codes against unauthorized access.

  • All the reports of an organization are documented and saved. The data loss situations can cause a great loss for your company assets. We guide you to manage data with passwords and IT security awareness training system to protect it from theft and loss.

  • Spyware programs can waste login IDs and passwords. Our network monitoring training helps in detecting and alerting you about the presence of different malicious programs by enabling IT browser security, installing anti spyware and adware tools.

  • Sometimes viruses or trogons are sent in the emails to make the system infected. Our spam and viruses alert systems work together and prevent your system.

  • Desktop security awareness training is provided to protect the system from hackers. You cannot access network due to hackers.

  • Phishing is a method of sending an online form from different famous online shopping stores like Amazon, or from any informational or educational institution to trace the passwords, credit card numbers, bank pins and user accounts etc by prompting you to click on a link. Our awareness system alerts before any threats and risks disturb your system.

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