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Web design planning provides well-organized website template for business and personal web portals. We design your site to give it a pleasing look and attractive feel. Our effective web design solutions help you to attract visitors toward the website.

To come up with a planning for website:

  • The main focus of business, products and services is considered and a rough idea is prepared.

  • Target audience is set after the research on their behavior trends. Mostly used search terms are targeted as keywords.

  • Striking colors scheme is selected for effective web design planning.

  • Web design is made attention grabbing by using eye-catching graphics flash animations, images with appealing layout.

  • Size of images is optimized for fast loading of website.

  • Web design elements (including images, flash, animations and graphics) usage strategy is prepared.

  • Site icons, bullets and bars are used properly where needed.

  • Linking and navigation structure is prepared.

  • Simple navigation is used after the finalization of planning of site pages.

  • Storyboarding:
    It is a sketch of our effective web design planning that gives clear understanding of website layout with the page content.

  • Special planning is done using effective SEO techniques to optimize the website.

  • Effective content is written to describe the business products and services.

  • Sound effects are used, if required.

  • User friendly components are planned including visitor's feedback, comments, testimonials etc.