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Web design process requires a lot of expertise and proficiency of creative art skills. We provide you services of expert designers who help you in making web design by following a systematic web design building process.

The template making process includes:

  • Planning:
    Planning is made for the target audience to access the enterprise services and products. The main purpose of business, goals and content is planned. Then website domain name, hosting, simple navigation and SEO techniques are also planned.

  • Corporate identity building plan:
    Corporate business identity components like logo, slogans, web banners etc. are planned. Flash animations and technologies used, are discussed with you in detail.

  • Design essentials:
    The essentials of web design process are balance, focal points, rhythm, unity and contrast.
    • Balance is kept in all the elements and features.
    • Website focal points are emphasized. Focal points are eye-catching areas which instantly draw visitor's attention.
    • Rhythm is the essential component which brings harmony within the site elements.
    • Unity principle keeps the site elements on one platform.
    • Contrast is kept between colors, shapes, fonts and file sizes.

  • Creative process:
    Appealing site layout is decided. Graphics, images and flash animations are made by our designers with attractive colors. Concept, look and feel of the site is created for the target audience.

  • Final Touches:
    Final touches are given where needed. New changes are done to the web design and then website is made live.