Network Networking

Security audit is an assessment of IT network and computer systems to determine an organization's vulnerability to attacks (crackers, viruses, spam, etc.) and natural disasters (fire, earthquakes, water damages etc.). We offer IT security audit services to protect IT assets. We conduct IT security audit against internal and external risks and threats of network and detect if there is any leak point.

Our audit experts:

  • Make the list of network IT assets in order to decide what needs to be protected. IT assets include PCs and computers, employee access cards, security cameras, documents and files, network equipment like routers and cables, printers, web server computers, login and out system of employees, access points, client's informational web pages, communicational equipment like VOIP, PDAs, security cameras and speakers. All the devices and applications are assessed and scanned for checking the security audit level.

  • After scanning, the threats and risks are listed to alert the systems. Our IT security audit experts setup the system of regular backups to protect crucial data. Special system is installed for protection and filtering.

  • In the next step, our experts prioritize network assets and vulnerabilities and perform a risk calculation. Our experts setup responsive system for the detection of threats and unauthorized network access. Our IT security audit system specifies the access and control of every user to specific assets.