Network Networking

Network risk management determines exposure to risk and determining how to tackle it. Our network security risk management services alert you about the risks that are attacking your network. We focus on three main areas which are risk assessment, mitigation and evaluation. Our network management experts protect the IT systems and support organizational IT environment.

Our network security risk management services include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Mapping:
    Network is scanned to identify high-risk areas. Risks are defined and different remedies are offered to handle the risks.

  • Act in Response:
    A system is installed that becomes operative when it finds unauthorized network access/connectivity, data leakage, when it identifies unknown devices and desktops.

  • Implement Security Strategies:
    We check network connectivity and supportive hardware and software devices and make different preventive strategies.

  • Security Management & Monitoring:
    We monitor and assess performance of network and conduct risk assessments.

Geeksnerds Ltd. offers network installation, management and security services.