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Web layout is the master plan of website elements including logo, banner, content, colors, illustrations and headlines. Our web designers build the rough sketch of the site and design the plan in the form of web layout. Layout is the arrangement, outline, format or draft of site elements. Web layout plays an important role in attracting site visitors. It is made after the complete analysis of visitors with your business goals and objectives. The online impact of website is created by its layout design.

Our designers design web layout with the following features:

  • Simple Designs:
    Uncomplicated site with easy navigation is designed for the ease of site visitors.

  • Backgrounds & Colors:
    Eye-catching color contrasts with suitable backgrounds are used for web layout to make it pleasing for all site visitors.

  • Dimensions:
    The length and width of the web page is kept optimum for easy navigation and view of the page.

  • Readable:
    Clear and normal-sized fonts are used to attract the attention of site visitors. Appropriate white space is used between content and images to avoid awkwardness. This will give a balanced look & feel to the web layout design.

  • Speedy Loading:
    Heavy and large-sized pages, images with graphics and overcrowded site links are avoided in web layout design to speed up the time of downloading.